The Third Attack in Three Months | Nessa of Two Evils

I have a heavy heart again, using a black box as the image for this post. The United Kingdom, and more specifically, my chosen home city of London was witness to the third attack on this country in as many months. There is a risk that comes with living in the capital city of a country, compared to living in the countryside, of course. But that is no reason for me to abandon this place (besides all the financial commitments I have here). Barring a shift of Parliament to another location, my place is here, and always in the thick of it.


Who is responsible for the St Petersberg Metro bombing? | Nessa of Two Evils

Short one today: It is awful to hear that St Petersburg was struck by an act of violence, as a bomb exploded in the Metro with a current death-toll of 14 people and a second bomb was disarmed before it could take more lives. The question of who is responsible for the St Petersburg Metro bombing seems quickly resolved: Akbarzhon Jalilov, an ethnic Uzbek born in Osh in 1995, is the prime suspect. Undoubtedly the perpetrator acted in the belief he was standing up for a cause. Russia has long since been a target for terrorist attacks, in part because of its heavy military advances against ISIS' occupation of the Middle East. But it would be short-sighted to believe that this wasn't a situation open to exploitation by the Government.

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