Who is responsible for the St Petersberg Metro bombing? | Nessa of Two Evils

Short one today: It is awful to hear that St Petersburg was struck by an act of violence, as a bomb exploded in the Metro with a current death-toll of 14 people and a second bomb was disarmed before it could take more lives. The question of who is responsible for the St Petersburg Metro bombing seems quickly resolved: Akbarzhon Jalilov, an ethnic Uzbek born in Osh in 1995, is the prime suspect. Undoubtedly the perpetrator acted in the belief he was standing up for a cause. Russia has long since been a target for terrorist attacks, in part because of its heavy military advances against ISIS' occupation of the Middle East. But it would be short-sighted to believe that this wasn't a situation open to exploitation by the Government.

The Dangerous Tentacles of the Octopus | Nessa of Two Evils

I have struggled with composing a blog post since my last contribution. It's not that there is nothing to write about, of course. There is an abundance of concerning developments. In fact I am leaning towards the belief that this is fatigue of the developments. Most concerning to me, I suppose, is how the reach of the far west and the far east is seeking to extend to the centre ground, not just politically speaking.

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