Britain’s Global Future | Nessa of Two Evils

Six months ago I wrote my first blog: Is soft power still a tool in today's world? It was inspired by the work that began at ResPublica, which culminated in the report published last week - Britain's Global Future: Harnessing the soft power capital of UK institutions.


The Gig Economy – Resolution Foundation | Nessa of Two Evils

In this new, potential one-off, blog post, tentatively categorised under The Westminster Puddle (am I really bursting a bubble here?), I am going to summarise the seminar by the Resolution Foundation I went to this morning. This is something I do for work anyway, as research for my role, and this way you know as much as I know. The Resolution Foundation's seminar was planned around their latest publication A tough gig? The nature of self-employment in 21st Century Britain and policy implications.

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