How We: Do Goals/Resolutions

This year I didn’t give particular thought to any goals or resolutions for the year. I have not had a good track record with such things. I considered trying something different each month but a lack of planning on that front has kept it so vague we’re approaching the half-way point in February without any decision on what to do. It might be helpful to change that with some planning in this post. I’ll use Shay’s structure where it applies.


I want to manage the PIIT28 programme before we head to WDW at the end of April. That gives me at least three more chances to do so, whenever I choose to start. I have started finding my way back into the regular pop pilates programme also (not that it has been easy, but it’s okay to struggle, so long as I persevere). After the trip, I also want to get back to a pre-holiday feeling by my birthday, and see where that takes me.


I’ve already taken the first step by finally registering with a dental practice and arranging for my first check-up since moving to our flat. My next steps are to bring the immunisation passport to the general practice, to get my first cervical exam done now that I’m in that age group, and to see what can be done about my wrist, which I suspect was once fractured on a bad fall.


This ties somewhat into the body goal – by being more conscious about what I eat, I should change my body in a way that makes me happier. I need to particularly be better about eating fruits and vegetables, and proteins. I need to be wary of how many carbohydrates I eat, and how many calories my meals add up to. As such I might want to try my hand more on meal preparation (there is a slow cooker I can use now), and think about good snack ideas. I also need a stronger resolve to eat what I consider best, rather than falling in with other people’s choices.


I would like to finish 2 political books by the end of the year, and one book in Spanish. I would also like to max out my Spanish ability on Duolingo at 100% and complete all conversation challenges.


It looks like I am making my first independent journey to Asia this year, which I am very excited about. I hope to spend about a week abroad, and would like to confidently navigate two or three different locales within the country I am headed to.


Despite living in the near neighbourhood of my University friends for more than half a year now, we have yet to get together in the area, so I will become more proactive and make an effort to organise at least two such occasions. I also am trying to set up a trip up north once this year to see one of my friends there. I also am going to make an effort to express myself honestly more often rather than keeping things to myself in an attempt to smooth things over. Communicating honestly will hopefully improve already good relationships.

I think this is a good list to start off with, let us see how it goes.

Let me know what YOU think

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