A Month of Missing Items

As it’s the Friday before the last week of July, we’ve now owned a flat for a month. To celebrate, we’ve invited friends from University and our time in London to our humble abode tomorrow for a couple of drinks, before we migrate to a more spacious venue like the Oiler Bar as our flat won’t fit more than 10 people, and about 20 said they’d show up.

We’re not sure how quickly we’ll have to transition over, given that our flat, while now feeling more home-like already, is still missing some essentials that my Mum would disapprove of.

Almost all our furniture, barring the sofa, has arrived and been set-up competently by a combination of the Philosopher, myself and our friend Charlie. We even replaced two sets of sockets in the flat with USB combination sockets – but as a word of warning, when I tried ironing using the regular plug socket on a USB one, I tripped the circuits for the room, so no using that unless I’m charging something on the USB or I don’t care to do anything else!

However we’re missing a couple of expected items, such as a big kitchen bin, or the aforementioned sofa. Our toilet roll is currently balanced on the handle of the toilet brush. So as we come up to our limitations we constantly Amazon-order to the rescue.

The first week of living in Canning Town both the Philosopher and I had taken time off from work to set up utility bills, be in the flat for deliveries and figure out the ins and outs of screwing in dry-wall plugs to put up picture frames. However we also managed to explore the area a bit. We visited the O2 in North Greenwich to watch a movie one day, for example, and took the Emirates Airline back home, which was fun although the start was somewhat shaky for me. Also pictured is the traditional Thursday fish and chips meal.

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