Realstagram – 31/07/2017

I haven't posted a photo of myself on Instagram since six months ago. And that particular photo included a caption about how I didn't think I looked appealing in the photo. I was wearing an unflattering outfit, but secretly I also thought that I looked bloated and I knew that it wasn't just a dissatisfaction with the way I looked, but also the number on the scales.

A Month of Missing Items

As it's the Friday before the last week of July, we've now owned a flat for a month. To celebrate, we've invited friends from University and our time in London to our humble abode tomorrow for a couple of drinks, before we migrate to a more spacious venue like the Oiler Bar as our flat won't fit more than 10 people, and about 20 said they'd show up.

Britain’s Global Future | Nessa of Two Evils

Six months ago I wrote my first blog: Is soft power still a tool in today's world? It was inspired by the work that began at ResPublica, which culminated in the report published last week - Britain's Global Future: Harnessing the soft power capital of UK institutions.

From the New York Times: When Russia’s Dark Arts Backfire | Nessa of Two Evils

We wanted to share a little story from the recent past of Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer who features in this week’s news about Donald Trump Jr. That story, we think, says a lot about Russian power, how it works and when it doesn’t.

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