An exhausting morning

Waking up bright and early (at 5AM to the cawing of birds outside) we started shifting the boxes of our belongings that we packed in the weeknights before into our friend's van. He's been so kind to also help us put things together when it comes to the furniture we are getting for the flat.


Priorities for the EU | Nessa of Two Evils

This morning I read the CapX article by Deputy Editor Oliver Wiseman, which referenced the Chatham House report This and that. It measured attitudes of both regular citizens and the described "elites" of member countries of the European Union. After finishing I find it interesting to come out of the article with a different interpretation to the author (read for yourself as I wish not to bias you one way or another). But as part of that I also find myself questioning who I am. Am I an "elite"?

A warm welcome

We finally exchanged (meaning all the money has been transferred not just from you to the conveyancer, but also from them to the property developers - only then do you receive your set of keys)! Contractually, financially, in reality we now own our own place.

Mother Russia and Ye Olde England | Nessa of Two Evils

I have very little to say, except to recommend the UK Buzzfeed investigation series into murders of people involved with Russia, anchored in the UK. Poison in the System From Russia with Blood The Man Who Knew Too Much The Secrets of the Spy in the Bag All of this may read like a tension-ratcheting... Continue Reading →

A window-shopping trip

After a first visit to our future home we had to start thinking about how we would furnish our home. Thankfully the Philosopher's parents are incredibly kind and have offered a multitude of possessions to us to take on to our flat, but given the size and dimensions of the rooms, a three-seater sofa just won't fit inside.

A site visit

The Philosopher and I are finally moving into our own place. This is the culmination of a consideration of more than a year, but I won't bore you with the details, as the process was an arduous one.

The Waiting Game | Nessa of Two Evils

I shan't delude myself to think that anyone reads this blog to be influenced on how to cast their votes in the UK General Election. I personally can't vote anyway, so am retiring to bed after the exit polls at 10pm, and will invariably wake up to a dystopia at 4am tomorrow as is my... Continue Reading →

The Third Attack in Three Months | Nessa of Two Evils

I have a heavy heart again, using a black box as the image for this post. The United Kingdom, and more specifically, my chosen home city of London was witness to the third attack on this country in as many months. There is a risk that comes with living in the capital city of a country, compared to living in the countryside, of course. But that is no reason for me to abandon this place (besides all the financial commitments I have here). Barring a shift of Parliament to another location, my place is here, and always in the thick of it.

A World Without Trump | Nessa of Two Evils

It's a well-known saying, mostly passed on from mother to child, that if you cannot say anything nice, you should say nothing at all. The Interpreter, a newsletter by columnists of the New York Times that is posted twice a week, today reflected on Donald Trump's announcement to withdraw the United States from the agreements to combat climate change from Paris. It reminded me strongly of that mothers' saying - quite literally. What would we do in a world without Trump?

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