Don’t Snitches Get Stitches? | Nessa of Two Evils

It’s a chant that children use to intimidate each other into keeping secrets: snitches get stitches. If you reveal the truth to any authorities, you must face the consequences. But children aren’t known for suspiciously falling out of windows (even in Game of Thrones). The scale of secrets doesn’t quite compare to international relations interference.

The news that Mike Flynn was available to be interviewed by the authorities about his connections to Russia prior to Trump’s election reached the UK over night. Flynn offers this with the caveat of requesting immunity against unfair prosecution, according to a statement by his lawyer.

Previous posts have covered the violence that Russian agents (individuals or collective powers) will resort to, in order to get their way. Last Week Tonight also has a nice little segment on it. Being in a different country offers no safety. Neither being a nobody nor being in the public eye offer safety. Even though a President can be elected after contradicting himself, or going on record to grab women by the pussy and walking into their changing rooms as power play, Russia watches. The only question remains how brazen Russian (attempts at) action will be on a foreign target.

Right now Putin has to control a couple of fires. The anti-corruption protests (originally actually leveled at Medvedyev) had more momentum than anticipated, and the dissonance between relying on and simultaneously demonising the West (£) is becoming more obvious and difficult. So how much attention can he give this rogue dissenter? It may be possible that an arm of the Russian intelligence octopus will activate independently to take care of this problem, to varying degrees.

I don’t want to give in to the detached sentiments that form part of this, but I can’t wait to see how this unfolds, in my hope for justice. I want this to have consequences, and where appropriate also for the American Government. I just hope this does not get cut short prematurely with the loss of life.


(Photo credit goes to Eli Christman)


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