This morning, as I walked to my office for work, police had cordoned access off, and were asking pedestrians where they were headed. Anywhere beyond the McDonalds was diverted. I instead was allowed under the ribbon to walk to the entrance of the building where I work.

It’s a bizarre phenomenon to sit in the office and watch on TV what was happening just a few hundred yards further down the street, and the adjacent ones. A tragedy that was real, more real even if we had looked out of the window. At the same time it was somewhat heartening to see tourists obliviously wander through news report shots of the surrounding scenes of the attack.

I don’t particularly enjoy talking about incidents like what happened in London yesterday because besides the facts of what had exactly occurred, a lot is unclear still. Motivations, resources, agency. In a time of social media allowing immediate responses we’ve already had the lunkheaded son of Trump chime in about misconstrued words by the Mayor of London. We don’t need more of that, we just need to stay out of it and let the excellent police get on with their work.

As a final note, I am as ever grateful to first responders (here and all over the world). While we are currently at four casualties and we cannot be certain if that number will change, limiting it to this scope gives credit to the excellent police force and medical staff on-hand at the time.