What about post-truth alternative facts? | Nessa of Two Evils

2016 was the year of the word post-truth, Oxford Dictionaries decided (I believe, based on a meticulous process of the highest term looked up for the year). It reflected on a year in which politicians from many different countries decided to ever more play to emotion of people. That's not a bad idea: base instincts are base instincts for a reason, they lead us to survival.


How do leaks reflect on our world? – Part 3 | Nessa of Two Evils

I have not been alive in Germany at a time that the accusation of a Lügenpresse existing being bandied around commonly. And at first I was quite surprised that I would be alive to hear that this was the case in the United States.

How do leaks reflect on our world? – Part 2 | Nessa of Two Evils

There are only two possibilities regarding these leaks: they are somewhat or completely true, or they are completely false. There is no true nuance between these two options, but the ramifications aren't quite so binary: a man that has been recorded to carry a conversation including the phrase "Grab them by the pussy" can reasonably expect leniency toward other acts of depravity because that has been the established reaction to any missteps (ones that would bring down any other politician, one might imagine). The degree of outrage by the "mainstream media" will vary.

How do leaks reflect on our world? – Part 1 | Nessa of Two Evils

Putin's rule as President began (again) in 2012, but he was in the high echelons of politics already in 1999. Trump made first ripples in the pond of American politics with his claims of doubt regarding President Obama's birth country and legitimacy in his elected role in 2011 - reawakening a suspicion that went back as far as 2004. The controversial issue was heard around the world, though it left no noticeable traces elsewhere. (As an aside, I would be interested in learning if other countries have experienced an ascendancy to power by a "minority" whose eligibility/suitability has been called into question by nature of their "minority")

Is soft power still a tool in today’s world? | Nessa of Two Evils

Soft and hard power, while millenia-old means deployed to achieve an end, were only distinguished comparatively recently; military force largely associated with the latter, diplomacy with the former. I suppose this is a development which reflected on the decreasing popularity of military interventionism that formerly governed interactions between countries. World-building depended on conquering areas and declaring them yours, but this fell out of fashion eventually. The last new country to emerge on Earth was South Sudan, a fragile, still war-fraught nation founded in 2011.

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